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Tinsel! The Musical
November 26 – December 20, 2011

By Li’l Buds Theatre Company

Telling the story of a nearsighted reindeer’s rise from life as a clumsy waitress in Frosty’s diner to being a famous recording artist, TINSEL! THE MUSICAL will put the star on top of your holiday season with its unique blend of country, jazz, blues and pop music.  TINSEL! THE MUSICAL (a sequel to last year’s FROSTY’S SHAKES ‘N’ DOGS which was a prequel to the previous year’s THOSE SILLY REINDEER!) teaches young audience members about the pitfalls of fame and the rewards of being true to yourself.

Directed by J. Preddie Predmore
Stage Manager – Dujuan Pritchett
Music Director/Accompanist – Chris Damiano
Costumes/Set/Props – Maggie Portman and Jenny Lamb
Postcard/Poster Design – Xenos Media Group


Tinsel – Abigail Vega
Frosty – Rus Rainear
Polar Bear – Mandy Duncan
TeeLee – Carlyse Cheméil Minerva Owens
Sugar Plum Fairy/Tinsel’s #1 Fan/Others – Sophie Leib-Neri
Elf – Caroline Phillips
Ginger Breadman – Charles Finch
Dastardly Snide – Micah J. L. Kronlokken
Sneakly – Maxwell Burnham



Peter Pan

May 26 – June 17, 2012
By J.M. Barrie, in a new version by John Caird and Trevor Nunn

Join Li’l Buds Theatre for the adventure of a lifetime.   Fly along with Peter Pan, and meet the lost Boys, the Pirates, The Darling family, Nana, Tinkerbell and the Dreaded Captain Hook; as they take you on a journey through a child’s eyes into Neverland!  This classic tale teaches us that with the power of our imagination and strength of our families love anything is possible!

Directed by Maggie Portman
Stage Manager…Brittany Abraham
Set Design for Crooked…Patrick Fries
Props…J. Preddie Predmore
Costumes…Jenny Lamb
Poster/Postcard Design…Eric Martin


Storyteller/Mrs. Darling/Tinkerbell/Noodler/Old Wendy…Jenny Lamb
Mr. Darling/Captain James Hook…Daniel Waters
Wendy Darling…Emily Hawkins
John Darling…Chauncey Seeger
Michael Darling…Charlie Smith
Nana/Smee…J. Preddie Predmore
Peter Pan…Jose Picado
Slightly Soiled/Jane…Caroline Phillips
Tootles…Kacy Smith
Nibs…Oscar Vasquez
Curly…Elliot Burton
Cecco…Kevin Crowley
Jukes…Raphael O’Malley