2015-16 Archive


Tinsel! The Musical
by Li’l Buds Theatre Company

December 12 – 27, 2015 at the No Exit Cafe

Telling the story of a nearsighted reindeer’s rise from life as a clumsy waitress in Frosty’s diner to a famous recording artist, TINSEL! THE MUSICAL will put the star on top of your holiday season with its unique blend of country, jazz, blues and pop music. TINSEL! THE MUSICAL teaches young audience members about the rewards of being true to yourself.


Tinsel- Amanda Anne Dayton
Dastardly Snide- Shym Jamin
Sneakly- Bethany Arrington
Frosty- David Gordon-Johnson
Santa- J. Preddie Predmore
TeeLee- Tamara Anderson
Ginger Breadman- Kyle Klein II
Elf- Chayce Davis
Paul R. Bear- Caroline Phillips
Tinsel’s #1 Fan/Others- Grace Wilkerson


Director- Maggie Portman
Co-Director- J. Preddie Predmore
Stage Manager- J. Preddie Predmore
Choreographer- Maggie Portman
Music Director- Maggie Portman
Costume Designer- Jessica Smith
Poster/Postcard Design- Shirah Neumann



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Penelope Pennyworth Girl Detective: Case of the Boogeyman
by Li’l Buds Theatre Company
April 15 – May 8, 2016 at The Edge Theater

Penelope is a 10-year-old girl detective solving crimes big and small with her best friend Matilda and their friend Michael. In “The Case of the Boogeyman,” Penelope and Matilda must help Michael overcome his fears to defeat a bothersome ghoul.


Penelope Pennyworth- Caroline Phillips
Matilda Jones- Emily Zimmerman
Michael Feebleman- Elijah Dixon
Boogeyman- Chris Causer


Director- J. Preddie Predmore
Music Director- Maggie Portman
Choreography- Maggie Portman
Stage Manager- Abby Gillette
Set Design- J. Preddie Predmore
Scenic Painting- Shirah Neumann and Li’l Buds Theatre Company
Props- J. Preddie Predmore and Abby Gillette
Costumes- Maggie Portman
Lighting Design- William Allen
Assistant Stage Manager- Maren Matthias