2016-17 Archive


Script and Lyrics by Li’l Buds Theatre Company
December 3-19, 2016

A hilarious musical for the whole family

Santa hires the highly ambitious New Elf who promises a faster, more efficient Christmas and creates a clone of Santa to help out. The corporate, savvy Santa Deux begins automating and downsizing the entire town thus threatening the very essence of Christmas. Together everyone learns that although technology can be helpful certain things require a human touch.

SantaDeux? is a hilarious musical remedy for the holiday blues.

Directed by Kristi Parker-Barnhart
Music Direction and Choreography by Maggie Portman


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Saturday Morning Funnies
By Li’l Buds Theatre Company
Episode 1: September 10, 17, & 24
Episode 2: October 15, 22, & 29

A sketch comedy show for children
inspired by children
performed by children.

Be prepared to laugh!

Each episode includes short plays written by Li’l Buds and inspired by the ideas and stories of children ages 5-15 who we have worked with over the last eleven years.


Stage Manager- Abby Gillette*
Costumes- Jeff Predmore* and Kristi Parker-Barnhart*
Props- Andrea Minchella*, Jeff Predmore*, and Kristi Parker Barnhart*
Scenic Painting- Shirah Neumann
Sound Design- Jay Espano* and Abby Gillette*
Poster and Flyer Design- Graham Emmons

The Brave Popcorn
Inspired by a second grader at The Frances Xavier Warde School
Directed by Jeff Predmore*
Amy- Chayce Davis
Ava- Maggie Smith
Alex- Elijah Dixon
Popped Paul- Ethan Coon
News Reporter- Grace Wilkerson
Grandma Jiffy- Andrea Minchella*
Eye Witness 1/Pam- Chandlyr Davis
Eye witness 2/Pat- Caroline Phillips*
Young Popped Paul- Frances Depke

The Real Office
Inspired by 4th grader Joseph Clayton
Directed by Jay Espano*
Barb- Chayce Davis
Jerry- Ethan Coon
Freddy- Elijah Dixon
Fun Boss- Chandlyr Davis
Brian- Maggie Smith
Office God- Andrea Minchella*
Roz- Frances Depke
Casual Friday- Caroline Phillips*

Mid-show Improv set led by Andrea Minchella and the ensemble

The Mean Old Lady
Inspired by story written by second grader Daniela Natera
Directed by- Jay Espano*
Mean Old Lady- Andrea Minchella*
Young Mean Old Lady- Frances Depke
Carrie- Chandlyr Davis
Mary- Chayce Davis
Harry- Ethan Coon
Gary- Elijah Dixon
Sherry- Grace Wilkerson
Teri- Maggie Smith

All in a Day’s Work
Inspired by summer camp 2005 written By Jeff Predmore & Jenny Lamb
Directed by- Jeff Predmore*
Sherman Dewberry- Ethan Coon
Helen Von Streusel- Grace Wilkerson
Rocco- Caroline Phillips*
Jo- Elijah Dixon
Sal- Frances Depke
Principal Money Maker- Andrea Minchella*

* Li’l Buds Company Member