2015-16 Season Sponsors

GARDENERS $2,000 and up
Phillips Family Foundation
SUPER ROOTS $500-$749
Nora Daley
Diane Predmore
Janelle and Matt Reese
ROOTS $300-$499
Robert and Georgia Hawkins
Benjamin Campbell
Steve Rehkemper
Susan Wishnick and Allen Steinberg
SPROUTS $150-$299
Katie and Tom Brandt
Jennifer and David Bryant
Chris and Katie Covalle
Anne and Christian Coon
Kate Evert and Joseph Sheils
Jonathan Goldman and Monica Lasky
Eileen Herber
Rick and Michelle Kilmer
Jill and Craig Kouri
Elizabeth Mason
Erica and James Minchella
Barry and Cara Pollard
Maurine and Brian Smith
Susan Sperling
Gail and Steve Taggart
Charlotte Wager and Marcel Yonan
SEEDS up to $1-$149
EPIC Block Club
Erin Condon
April Greer
John Higgins
Tom Mullen
Heidi Nardini
Kristi Parker Barnhart
Autumn Perry
Sandra and Mark Portman
Karen Scalise
In Kind Sponsors
Lovely | a bake shop
Pearl’s Southern Comfort
Become a Li’l Buds Donor!
Your contributions allow us to keep the prices of our classes, camps, and events low and to be able to offer decreased and subsidized tuition for those who cannot afford it. Li’l Buds Theatre Company is a 501c3 Non-for-profit company with a mission to educate and enrich children of all ages and backgrounds in the Theatre and Performing Arts, through original and mainstream productions and educational classes, workshops, and residencies.  Every dollar counts – no amount is too small to make a difference in the life of a child.  All your donations are 100% tax deductible. Donate easily with the link above in header, or contact us via email or phone with additional questions about becoming a Li’l Buds Donor. Li’l Buds is also looking for the donation of time and talent!  If you would like to get more information on how you can help Li’l Buds grow by volunteering, please email us at lilbudstheatre@gmail.com.